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I guess I was always a photographer, even before I actually became one.  I've seen the shutter snapping on certain moments in time for as long as I can remember - I just never had the tools or skill to freeze those moments as permanent memories.  Life gets in the way.

I feel I was destined to arrive at this time and place and can't wait to see what the future holds for me.  A series of unplanned coincidences, hard work & luck led me to where I am today - qualified with Diplomas in both Photo Imaging and Graphic Design, and ready to take on the world.

I see photography as a means of capturing a real moment, not faking one.  I find my best images come about when the subject doesn't know I'm there, enabling me to capture the true essence and soul of the person.  I prefer to offer "A Day in the Life" sessions that capture honest & real moments, rather than traditional portraiture.


Sometimes though I like to play with the fabric of reality, stretching it a little; creating fantasy from reality, or turning an everyday photo into a piece of art.

I use my lens to find beauty even on gloomy days.   I always like to set myself a challenge - shots that don't just come naturally, but require  a lot of thought to pull them  off.  I adore concert photography - it sets a challenge to overcome numerous lighting dilemmas.   My other current loves are bird photography, and shooting from up the back of a motorbike.  These are my favourites because they all set challenges and have obstacles (low light, movement and speed) that take knowhow and calculations to overcome.

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