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About Me


I guess I was always a photographer, even

before I actually became one.  I've seen the

shutter snapping on moments in time for as long as I can remember, but never had the knowhow or tools to achieve my vision.

I moved to Tassie back in 2009 and by a fluke of luck in 2011 began years of study to achieve Diplomas in both Photo Imaging and Graphic Design.  I absolutely fell in love with photography, but always had an urge to take it that little bit further, pushing the boundaries, putting a piece of me into each image to create something a little more unique.


​Tassie has so much to offer photographers.  The scenery is stunning, the wildlife abundant, and the light is just so so right.   I’ve always loved animals and the serenity of being out in the bush, and I was looking for subjects that would challenge my skills.   One thing led to another and I found my main focus (pardon the pun) became birds and whatever cute little critters pop up during my search for them. 


Birds are certainly a challenge.   First of all, you have to actually find the birds as they never show up on queue (except for the fairywrens … they’re pretty reliable).  Then, if you’re very lucky, if the light is good and your camera settings are perfect for that particular moment in time, you may just land a great shot . . . and then the fun begins – deciding what kind of an edit you’re going to attempt to turn your image into something magical.  When I’m editing, there’s some kind of bizarre link to an area of my brain that accesses the jukebox of my life. I’ll suddenly find myself playing a song in my head that I haven’t heard since I was a child.  The songs seem to change from image to image - it’s a fascinating trip down memory lane and keeps me entertained.


I also dabble in other genres of photography, so if you have a particular need please get in touch.

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