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Acrylic Block - Swift Parrot (critically endangered species)

Acrylic Block - Swift Parrot (critically endangered species)

PriceFrom AU$66.00

Freestanding Acrylic Blocks are a unique way to display your favourite bird and are perfect for bookshelves desks and mantlepieces.  Guaranteed not to yellow or crack.


The Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor) is a species of broad-tailed parrot, found only in southeastern Australia. The species breeds in Tasmania during the summer and migrates north to spend the colder months in south eastern mainland Australia chasing flowering gum trees.  Swift Parrots have been on a perilous decline over the past few decades due to habitat destruction and predation; the latest research estimating that their effective population in the wild is 750 but could be as few as 300 birds.

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